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Free Consult: 30 minutes FREE! email: Book today by clicking here 

In this free consult I will share the unique approach I use to guide you through transforming into your best self. I will also ask questions to discover your struggles and concerns as well as your goals and desires, plus suggest which package might work best with your personal needs and individual schedules. This will help both of us to know if we are a good fit to move forward on your journey.

1: 1 Hour Coaching session: Book your 1 hour session by clicking here

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, disheartened, or like you could use support in some area of your life this is the session for you. What goals in life have always desired?

We can develop tools together that will help you stay focused and accountable for taking action towards your goals. Let’s get you energetically clear and balanced, reduce stress and help you attract success in the areas of life that need some extra love. 

1 coaching session $75. Book here. All payments accepted in PayPal or through VENMO

3 month package: 1 on1 coaching.  60 min each.:

Building an Authentic trust worthy relationship is my main goal. We will first dive into what that looks like for the both of us and then move into any and all daily set backs or past experiences that continue to stand in your way. Together we will build the right   tools, action plans, and accountability schedule that tackles the what, where, and why’s in life. Using my intuitive gifts  from spiritual guides we can build the confidence and knowing you have been searching for. 

You will become clearer of the limited conditioned beliefs that have held you back gently work through and with them to create tools that develop your  own personal growth mindset shift.

While each person’s journey looks different, the destination is the same—deep healing of anxiety, depression, anger, and drowning out that annoying voice in your head to get quieter and quieter while your belief in yourself become stronger and stronger. 

3 Month (12 weekly sessions) $300 a month or $900 total. All payments accepted in PayPal or through VENMO

*** Monthly payment plans available.***

6 Month package: 1 on 1 coaching. 60 min each.

We will break down the learned behaviors from a specific habits that continues to not honor you. Every week we will chat about letting go and trust the release in this next phase in life. Together we will build and create strategies to let go of doubts, fears, and any perceived obstacles. 

You will begin to develop a stronger mindset to disrupting  thoughts behind the “STUCK” mentality and rebuild your story. Receiving a workbook that will breakdown the differences of facts vs feelings and the role they played in your life. 

Using my intuitive clairvoyant, and claircognizance spiritual gifts we call upon yours and my guides to allow knowing and wisdom of all that comes through connecting the spiritual and earthly worlds showing you that life’s experiences can go beyond emotional and physical and into spiritual.

6 months coaching: with one of the sessions being an Oracle card reading

24 weekly sessions: $280 a month or $1680 total

12 bi-weekly sessions $300 a month or $900 total

 All payments accepted through PayPal or  VENMO

*** Monthly payment plans available.***

1 Intuitive/Oracle Card reading. 60 min. To book youe reading today click here!

Through this intuitive Oracle reading and interactive discussion here is some insight on what to expect.

I use my spiritual gifts of Clairvoyance and Claircognizance that allows me to work with the energy of oracle cards. As we together speak and seek guidance from your spiritual guides, teachers, and angels to uncover negative patterns and the stories that have stayed with you in current and past lives..

Maybe it is to seek understanding.

Perhaps you need a vision to see reoccurring situations and discover what strengths you need from source energy to get to the bottom of them.

Or maybe you desire to embrace life, accept what is to come, and let go of past experiences.

I come with my true Authentic Soul mission which is Devine truth, love, and healing to offer you a safe, protected space. Allowing your inner source to be the wisdom you seek.

Intuitive/Oracle reading: $133.00 To book a reading click here. All payment are accepted thru PayPal or  VENMO

(Contact me at or feel free to text at 619-669-5807 for any questions) Thank you

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