Hi my name is Tammy and my life has been a roller coaster, of abuse, struggles with self-doubt, abandonment, and letting fear keep me from finding my way in the world. While serving in the military, being a wife, becoming a mom, and keeping the idea of family strong. The stress and anxiety of being enough broke me.

I was allowing the definition that people said to me and gave me to run me. I had no control over anything I was spinning out of control but yet stuck at the same time.

When I finally buckled down and transformed myself from a girl who was afraid of my own voice to a women who learned how to balance life, kick old habits to the curb, and transition my thoughts I woke. 

I began to understand that how I think is how I feel and how I feel was how I was acting. If I was triggered by anger, I thought of anger, I felt anger, I acted out in anger. If I felt less than, I thought of all the ways I was less than, and then I acted less than.. Get my point here. 

I dived deep in the uncomfortableness of me. I had to re-build me, I had to re-find me until I was comfortable being around me. I know you or someone you know wants to feel the same.

Using my experience, my training in Life Coaching, my degree in psychology, and my gifts as a intuitive guide I offer you the tools to learn how to break down the walls that stand in your way.

I guide you into finding the right tools that will give you the strength to dissect habits and make choices that will give you, your Power back. I keep it simple, by working with you, we find the right strategy and methods that will uncover and discover the you, you have been longing for. 

It has been a mission, a goal to support others in life’s biggest obstacles, to help others see the truth of their own lives while embracing them with love and light.

It is a true girlfriend conversation where we  beat down the definition and limited beliefs others gave you and locate the patterns of self sabotage to create adversity. I want you to see your worth, to feel amazing, and to finally understand where struggles came from and how to respond to it.

If you are looking to  gain confidence, re-define yourself, and you’re ready to figure out how, book a session today and let’s go.

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