I have been abandoned, I have had to pick myself up off the floor to many times too count. I have sat on a floor head in my hands crying for hours. this is everyone’s story.

Hi I am Coach Tammy Ward creator of coach-tammy.com. It has been a mission of mine to support others in life’s biggest mystery of personal growth.  I have dealt with the same struggles and mishaps as you have and I have dug deep to find the tools that beat down old habits and patterns to create new ones that helped me stand tall in adversity. I want that for you, I want you to see your worth, to feel amazing, and to finally understand where it all came from and how to control it.

. When your experiencing feelings of stress, confusion, or fears that wrap you up like a big comfy blanket like your being pinned down to the ground. I am a life coach that continues to see the Big picture in every day human experience and boy do I know that growth and transition has to be apart of our daily life. Think about this for a damn moment; how would it feel to finally have tools in your back pocket to assist you in all the bull shit. I have 15 plus years of professional experience as a successful leader, motivator, and mentor as well as over 40 years of personal experience in growth dealing with all the little blunders the universe and society throws at us.

I have worked one on one and with groups of people facilitating and embarking on a journey of self-love and personal discovery where you yes YOU learn how to create tools that will identify successful goals in life. I use tools that come from understanding thyself with universal principles from listening to “gut voices” and the Law of Attraction.

Finding clarity and breath comes from a great life supported by awareness and choices. I offer you to define your ideal future and create tools on how to respond to life instead of reacting to it. You have want you need within you to hone in on you, whether you feel like you have hit a bump in the road are your wondering “NOW WHAT” or find yourself say “WTF” several times a day. Are you finally ready to get down to the nitty gritty. Or maybe your looking for someone outside of your own circles to just talk to about life.

Stop being frustrated with life, listen to your gut, set up a session now!! lets do this together.

I want you to find your path, I want you to know who you are and gain the tools to not only grow but to live again, YES I SAID IT LIVE AGAIN
let the battle with weight, self-image and all those damn abandonment issues no longer be apart of everyday decisions. I know your ready to take that leap, to believe in yourself to see how powerful you are.. Let’s do this.