If you had an extra hour

If you were givin an extra hour a day, what would you do with it??

I have come to realize on this amazing Monday, I asked around 5 people how their weekend was, all 5 people came back with the same answer: BUSY. They ran here and there, they had 2 birthday parties to go to, they dealt with their kids running around and screaming their heads off. 

When I heard all that I had to ask myself… Why do people naturally complain with the word busy, are they wanting empathy or are they releasing some sort of frustration?

SO then I asked, if I give you an extra hour a day, what would you do with it? BOOM everyone was like sleep, golf, relax at the pool, cook an authentic meal. So then I asked them ok your wish is my command now think about this, How would it feel if you did that 1 hour with the upmost LOVE.

I don’t mean like you love your mom or kids, I mean like you LOVE doing that one thing with the most authitic love you can devour within yourself. The kind of LOVE where you let go of every fear, every doubt, every worry, and just LOVE the 1 hour. 

Most of them said sure that would be no problem. Ok, I said now since I gave you that 1 extra hour I want to challenge you to feel and believe in that type of love for the other 24. You see, once we let go of what is stopping us from having complete love we can have it all the time. Begin to say over and over make a list of the things you love. I love my feet for giving me the ability to walk. I love my coffee for helping me get the morning started. I love the way my socks feel. I love, I love, I love. 

Continue to talk about the things you love until the night comes were you can see and feel LOVE. When someone can ask you how was your weekend and you look back at them and say it was fantastic. ( and you can re-feel all the love again)

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Diff, between Desire and Willpower

Wiz up party peeps, If I haven’t said it yet I want to say it now and profess my love for Brooke Castillo, she is a master life coach that I admire as well as stalk. LOL She wrote a little something that really touched my soul and I am going to share that with you today! LUCKY YOU

Brooke: There are two things you have to master to loose weight: Desire and Hunger

Desire for something delicious, Desire for entertainment, Desire for escape, Desire to avoid emotions: Understanding Hunger.

Ok so when Brooke wrote this, it got me to thinking… Most of us say I need the willpower to not eat or over eat, but I firmly believe if we understood the cause of our desire we can change how we look at food/weight.

OK OK hear me out. How many times have you said OOOOVAAYY I need more will power to work out to stop eating, stop yourself and say… I want the desire to work out and I want the desire to not overeat!!! 

You see what we did there we changed the way we thought about DESIRE, we changed how we viewed what the word means to us on an emotional higher level. (Brooke)– “And then we can free to only eat when we are truly hungry”


I have created a three step process GTG (Gratitude, Thought process, and Group) that will give you tools to guide you to finding the answers to all the questions you constantly repeat over and over in your mind. If your ready to take that leap, to believe in yourself. 

I’m Here


Grow like a weed

It’s ok that we still feel every negative emotion, but when we can have a sense of confidence and empowerment that goes along with it our emotions are managed.

 Don’t get distracted by the world  when your solveing problems or preventing them.

If what you believe and what you feel has yet to help you grow, then make the choice to believe and feel differently.

Think about this: the only difference between a flower and a weed is how you see it.

what you believe and what you feel are only choices that you are making!- thatswuzup

Creating Positive Passion

Think about a time when you felt passion or joy!!!! you got it,,,, good wouldn’t you love to feel that way all the time or at least most of the time. Here are some tools and different way of thinking to get you there.
Everyone creates negative passion every single day, yes I said every single day.  When you complain… about your Job, co-workers, relationships, people.. etc. etc.
Think about how you manifest anger, doubt, confidence stomper, worry, envy. when you create negative passion. Why would you want to feel that way??? You don’t right ok so try this.
STOP!! create positive passion by feeling the joy of passion, by understanding that the world does not create you, you create you. write down what you do love about your job, the little things wether it be my desk is close to the bathroom, or I get a long lunch. See the positive areas to switch your brain. Then rehearse it, make it a habit of feeling joy and adding to the list of positivity.
Remember when you learned how to ride a bike or tie your shoe, you practiced, you rehearsed it, now you can tie a shoe or ride a bike without worry. Your brain automatically stop’s your negative worry thinking and leads you straight into positive. Be passionate about YOU, it seriously is that simple.



When we write a word wrong or say something incorrectly we white out the wrong word to write the correct word, we say “excuse that, I meant this instead”
It is so easy to white out those simple mistakes. But you know; we can white out everything that simply! stay with me here…We can learn to navigate our relationship with people, we can begin to let go of the negative road blocks/people in our lives by editing (white out) who aren’t supportive of us.
Our thoughts have a grip on us; how we think about something is going to be how we feel about it. Once you realize it’s you who has the control of the grip on your thoughts you will have the strength to release the grip (white out). THEN BOOM!! you will change your outlook and emotion on it.
 Growth isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We often choose to complain about something rather than fixing it. If you have broken up with a negative nancy or sent back a plate of food cause it has a hair in it then you know how it feels to white out the negative to make it into a positive!!

let’s begin this journey together, and support whiting out the negative.


I have been working on saying and accepting NO.

Saying NO to people who want me to be surrounded by negativitiy.

Saying NO to the past that prevents me from being in the present.

Accepting No from others that helps lead me down a different path.

Accepting NO as a form of destiny that allows me to struggle so I can grow.

How can we say No? How can we accept NO?…. LET GO OF YOUR EGO (BOOM)

Let go of all the things that you complain about, let go of all the people you complain about. SAY NO, no more to suffering, no more to mediocre!

at some point you have to start fighting and finding strength

Get over yourself

Pretty harsh right….. well shit the truth hurts!!

I have always been aware that i need to practice what I preach. I am so inspirational to others and am always making the conversation about them or making sure I remember a piece of a past conversation and bring it up to ask questions? Basically i love helping people feel important.

Yet there are always those people that no matter what will attack your character or put you down to make themselves feel better.

When this happens I no longer put on my hippie face and say ” I hear you feel that way, how can we work through it”

I simply say ” Get over yourself” – thatswuzup


Listening, is a form of opening your ears and hearing sounds.

I have come to a crosspoint in my life to where I am so tired of listening to my own sound…

Therefore when I hear  the sound of my own voice spouting off negative and unproductive sounds I am going to make the choice to not hear the sounds- thats wuz up!




There is this phrase ” In total acceptance almost everything becomes a revelation”

Why do we settle  on the “ALMOST?”

If we can accept  what came from behind us, and what is in front of us, everything is a revelation.

We may not accept fully in 1 sitting, once we get past 1 mountain we will see another, and another until we are fully accepting of ourselves.

and if we ALWAYS accept  what came from behind us, and what is in front of us then we are always improving our self.


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