Embrace what life has to offer.

I have always had this saying “thats wuz up.” You might see some of my earlier broadcasting or content using this phrase. I said it, because sometimes in life when it all goes to shit and you truly don’t feel like there is a way out; that is the moment to Embrace life. In all it’s fucked up shit and in all it’s glory. Thats wuz up is not throwing hands in the air and saying fuck it, it is saying well hell… I learned my lesson on that and helllzz yaa i am on the right track.

As the beautiful Kelly Clarkson says, “We are all misfits living in a world on fire.” (NO, I do not have rights to this song). Embrace this life, embrace this moment. Let’s make the best of it. OK Say it with me THATS WUZ UP!!!!

Embrace life boldly, in awareness.

The idea to Embrace life boldly is to fully become aware. When we speak of transformation we talk of awareness.

A portion of that awareness is recognizing what is true and what isn’t.

The mental dialogue going on inside your head will never stop, it will continue to go on and on. But how much of it what is says turns out to be true?

The most important in true growth is realizing you are not the voice of the mind.

Most of the talking is a waste of energy. That the real problem is not you, it is the commotion the mind makes about life.

What can you do to slow down your mind? Better yet, are you willing to break the habit of your thoughts being your reality of life?

Facts Vs Feelings Workbook

Where you at in life? Are you happy, mediocre, in doubt, or do you have that shoulda mentality. Are you tired of saying “What is wrong with me.”

I am offering you a plan, a plan to to find all the little things that stop you from living your best life. That plan includes work, but isn’t time that you finally do the work to transform yourself, into your best self?

I have created a workbook that will help guide you in finding the facts behind your feelings. This workbook helps you to see that you have the choice, the choice to create. Click on the link below to begin.

Facts VS Feelings workbook

ATTACK life by the horns

Have you been so resistant to change? Have you said to yourself I know I can change but how. Have you tried to A.T.T.A.C.K your thoughts and worth by the horns? Take a look below at the practice of using the tool in the abbreviated for A. T. T. A. C. K.

Awareness: Become aware of triggers, patterns, habits

Thought: Re-route your thoughts to be productive and truth telling

Time: You didn’t create these habits overnight and you won’t change them over night

Action: take action on the areas you have been longing to improve in

Choice: Make a productive choice that fuels your growth not burns it down

Knowledge: Understanding how you operate and what boundaries need to be set is power.

This process of A.T.T. A. C. K has transformed  countless clients to transition out of attacking their character and worth to develop healthier habits and patterns by using tools that transformed their mindset towards personal growth. As we become aware of our actions, we can uproot our thoughts to enhance growth. Yes it does take pain staking time, but what do you have to loose. By taking action and developing a process that will guide you in making choices that bring out the best version of self.

Knowledge is power, and if are ready to do the work and gain knowledge of the what, when, how, and why you have feel judged, ridiculed, unloved, and unable to stop the stress of fear to take you over, then this process is for you.

A.T.T.A.C.K the way you talk shit to yourself, A.T.T.A.C.K the way you allow others to take you for granted,

A.T.T.A.C.K those damn old habits and patterns that no longer serve you. Become the best version of yourself and have a conversation with your doubts. Let the doubt know you see it festering inside you, but also let it know that you refuse to allow it to take you over. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.


4 – 5 days?!?

photography of person walking on road

Photo by Leo Cardelli on Pexels.com

Looking back at all the journals I have, some completed others half way filled out and then some with only 4- 5 pages filled in. I begin to question why only 4-5 pages. Then the honest conversation happened. I give up, for some reason or another I give up on whatever goal or desire or dream I had. So I said fuck it, let’s dig deep into this. I grabbed one of those journals and I wrote at the top… Why do I only give 4-5 days to my dreams.

Fear of course was one of them, then I looked at the word LAZY, tough word for me, tough because I know that there are times when I decide to be lazy, because it is to fucking hard to move past my thoughts to believe that I could do it. My thoughts are if I cannot go all the way then why do it at all, and BOOM there is the real reason of the 4-5 days.

I have to go past the 4-5 day marker, but I am not going to do the typical ” FOR 30 DAYS I WILL DO THIS” NO, what I will do is 7, YES 7 because that is past 4-5 days and that is achievement. Once I go past 7 then I will go 10 and so on and so on. I do this for me, for my family, for my happiness. Take this journey with me. The dream might be big, but if we complete it in small steps we will eventually get there or at least we will reach another leg of our journey that builds another dream.- thatswuzup.

Taking  back my oomph!!

So many times in life I set the schedule, I mark on the calendar, I look in the mirror and say this time damn it, this time I am going to take back my oomph.

Every single time it all works out for nine days, YES nine, WHY who the fuck knows. Maybe cause seven is to short and by day eight I am finding the excuses. There is no reason why well-being is not pouring into our experiences. In precise detail in response to all of the things that you and I have identified that we want…. Other than the fact that we are in a bad mood or angry OUR OOMPH is lost to the chuck it Wagon. 

I know what your thinking, here you go again Tammy, here you go again on your I’m gonna do it this time round table, but you know what I am doing differently than last time…. I keep on keeping on. I don’t allow the day to wrap me up in a blanket and swaddle me with my binkey in my mouth. I am taking back my OOMPH, if your with me.

No I am not going to plan, I am not going to schedule I am going to feel how I feel and KNOW that no matter how the days goes, it is not going to get away from me.. BOOM drop the mic.



Imagine we are looking at each other face to face trying to decide if we are going to work out today or if we are going to go to IHOP and enjoy CARBS instead!!!! In this moment we are searching for Self Esteem from ourselves as well as from each other. What if I was looking you in the face and I told you that there is such a thing as negative Self Esteem.

You see for the longest time I thought I had low self Esteem, but after being fed up with life I began to search for me. I realized I had self esteem but it was negative self esteem, meaning i was gaining self esteem through negative ways. “I judged”. I was judging others. I viewed other people with jealousy, I put them down to build myself up. I was so afraid of facing my own fears of life that all I did was judge others to make myself feel better about myself. I was building self esteem alright, negative and deconstructive self esteem.

I want to talk to you about my Perception of negative self esteem, I think of it like one of those group painting session, you know the ones where your friends, or partner get together you sit down in front of a blank canvas and the instructor teaches you all how to paint the same painting. But as your painting you notice yourself scopeing out the competition to see if anyone’s is worse or just as worse as your painting or you negatively throw up that self esteem and you show yours off as if you are michaelangelo so you can hide the fact that you are bullying everyone in the room.  You see I was putting a mirror up and hiding behind. I placed the mirror towards the crowd so I couldn’t see the true me. Causing my perception of what I thought was positive self esteem was actually negative self esteem shattering my foundation of self love.

 We come to many crossroads in life, and this happend to be mine. This concrete (aka self love) I poured was sideways and bumpy. So i got that old  jack hammer out and I began to hammer the shit out of it. Granted it was the toughest damn rock I have ever broken into,but I did it. With each piece of stone I began to see myself just as I was, no expectations, no judgement, no societal perception, no race to run just hammering away slow and steady to get back to loving me. 

This journey was 10 years ago and I am so happy and grateful now that I am looking at my self, face to face, having those tough life altering conversations, checking myself, holding myself accountable for my actions, and beginning to create a positive Self Esteem persona. Cause, dammit sometimes I just want to enjoy CARB’Swith a clear conscious. 

We have to put in the hard work. Face the mirror and know that true personal growth is about transcending the part of you, that you don’t like.


You have something in your teeth.

How do you deal with having a conversation with someone for almost an hour and then walk into the bathroom and notice that you have something in your teeth? Your mind begins to race cause here you are thinking “why didn’t they tell me I had something in my teeth, holy shit how long has it been in my teeth I ate like 4 hours ago, who else have I spoke to.” Most of the time it is hard as hell to  Laugit off, thinking o well life goes on,  the self criticize shoots up like a rocket.  What started as something in your teeth begin to go deep into the rabbit hole of how stupid, lazy, dirty, or even how you can never get anything right.

What if they did tell you, you had something in your teeth? How do you take it in? Embarrassment comes up, more painfully being judged. When we are judged by embarrassment we put on those self-sabotaging shoes and begin to believe the thoughts that our in our head thinking we absolutely know what the other person is thinking or telling other people. Ask yourself what does it matter, where in your life can you examine where the thoughts of others began to affect you. As we begin the journey in personnel growth you have to grow to understand the meaning in suffering. With growth I ask you, What if the other person had something in their teeth. Do you tell them, do you judge them, are you even embarrassed for them?

Life can come with all kinds of roadblocks, we either go around them or avoid them, but what would it feel like if we simply figured out how to get through them. You see Life is happening, and it is not about how we react to it, it is all about how we respond to it.