Embrace what life has to offer.

I have always had this saying “thats wuz up.” You might see some of my earlier broadcasting or content using this phrase. I said it, because sometimes in life when it all goes to shit and you truly don’t feel like there is a way out; that is the moment to Embrace life. In all it’s fucked up shit and in all it’s glory. Thats wuz up is not throwing hands in the air and saying fuck it, it is saying well hell… I learned my lesson on that and helllzz yaa i am on the right track.

As the beautiful Kelly Clarkson says, “We are all misfits living in a world on fire.” (NO, I do not have rights to this song). Embrace this life, embrace this moment. Let’s make the best of it. OK Say it with me THATS WUZ UP!!!!

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