4 – 5 days?!?

photography of person walking on road

Photo by Leo Cardelli on Pexels.com

Looking back at all the journals I have, some completed others half way filled out and then some with only 4- 5 pages filled in. I begin to question why only 4-5 pages. Then the honest conversation happened. I give up, for some reason or another I give up on whatever goal or desire or dream I had. So I said fuck it, let’s dig deep into this. I grabbed one of those journals and I wrote at the top… Why do I only give 4-5 days to my dreams.

Fear of course was one of them, then I looked at the word LAZY, tough word for me, tough because I know that there are times when I decide to be lazy, because it is to fucking hard to move past my thoughts to believe that I could do it. My thoughts are if I cannot go all the way then why do it at all, and BOOM there is the real reason of the 4-5 days.

I have to go past the 4-5 day marker, but I am not going to do the typical ” FOR 30 DAYS I WILL DO THIS” NO, what I will do is 7, YES 7 because that is past 4-5 days and that is achievement. Once I go past 7 then I will go 10 and so on and so on. I do this for me, for my family, for my happiness. Take this journey with me. The dream might be big, but if we complete it in small steps we will eventually get there or at least we will reach another leg of our journey that builds another dream.- thatswuzup.

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