Taking  back my oomph!!

So many times in life I set the schedule, I mark on the calendar, I look in the mirror and say this time damn it, this time I am going to take back my oomph.

Every single time it all works out for nine days, YES nine, WHY who the fuck knows. Maybe cause seven is to short and by day eight I am finding the excuses. There is no reason why well-being is not pouring into our experiences. In precise detail in response to all of the things that you and I have identified that we want…. Other than the fact that we are in a bad mood or angry OUR OOMPH is lost to the chuck it Wagon. 

I know what your thinking, here you go again Tammy, here you go again on your I’m gonna do it this time round table, but you know what I am doing differently than last time…. I keep on keeping on. I don’t allow the day to wrap me up in a blanket and swaddle me with my binkey in my mouth. I am taking back my OOMPH, if your with me.

No I am not going to plan, I am not going to schedule I am going to feel how I feel and KNOW that no matter how the days goes, it is not going to get away from me.. BOOM drop the mic.


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