You have something in your teeth.

How do you deal with having a conversation with someone for almost an hour and then walk into the bathroom and notice that you have something in your teeth? Your mind begins to race cause here you are thinking “why didn’t they tell me I had something in my teeth, holy shit how long has it been in my teeth I ate like 4 hours ago, who else have I spoke to.” Most of the time it is hard as hell to  Laugit off, thinking o well life goes on,  the self criticize shoots up like a rocket.  What started as something in your teeth begin to go deep into the rabbit hole of how stupid, lazy, dirty, or even how you can never get anything right.

What if they did tell you, you had something in your teeth? How do you take it in? Embarrassment comes up, more painfully being judged. When we are judged by embarrassment we put on those self-sabotaging shoes and begin to believe the thoughts that our in our head thinking we absolutely know what the other person is thinking or telling other people. Ask yourself what does it matter, where in your life can you examine where the thoughts of others began to affect you. As we begin the journey in personnel growth you have to grow to understand the meaning in suffering. With growth I ask you, What if the other person had something in their teeth. Do you tell them, do you judge them, are you even embarrassed for them?

Life can come with all kinds of roadblocks, we either go around them or avoid them, but what would it feel like if we simply figured out how to get through them. You see Life is happening, and it is not about how we react to it, it is all about how we respond to it. 

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