You know that squirrel from ICE AGE, that is always chasing that damn nut cause he is so worried he will loseit. Yet just when he thought he has lost it BOOM it appears. That is what you look like in your brain when you worry.
Most of us are not present in our lives cause we worry about the things the unknown. I ask you… “WHY ARE YOU PUTTING SO MUCH ENERGY INTO SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER??”
Try this, surrender, before you curse me out saying screw that, let me give you a tool on how to do this.. It is done by changing your THOUGHT from worry to gratitude. Instead of making a TO DO list or HOLY SHIT list make a list of what you are proud of and grateful for right now this moment. — Here is mine–
Laughter, Language, music, light, love, 4 walls, CHOCOLATE!!, my wife, my son, the source energy that surrounds me.
You have to begin to realize your past is in the past, stop giving it power in your present. Same goes for the future. Live in the present.
Begin to build yoru own source of energy of being present in life. The things we want in life already exist we have to stop the chatter in our heads long enough to attract them.




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