3 Step methodology into personal growth 

G T G= Gratitude, Thought Process, and Group. When we have all three of these rocking and guiding us we will always be GTG (good to go)!

GRATITUDEGratitude is a powerful process for shifting energy and bringing more of what you want
in life. Be grateful for what you have, not just what you want.

Toothpaste, gas in the car, food,love, the end of a break up from a not so nice person, gut feelings,
etc. etc. etc.

“One day I was driving 10 MPH over the 65 MPH on the freeway, until this car pulled in front of me causing me to slam
on my breaks. I knew then, shit I better slow down. Still watching this car; the car was about 5 cars
ahead of me, i saw this car swerve and hit the median. After avoiding the rest of the traffic I realized the cars was swerving to avoid hitting a dog that was loose on the freeway. You see, if that car would have not pulled out in front of me I would have never slowed down and it would have been me who was upside down on the median. I was grateful. I was grateful that the universe pulled me in the proper direction.”

You see, we often forget about what we have and complain about what we don’t. Gratitude can
transform common days into glorious nights, turn routine jobs into doing what you truly want and
love. Gratitude is we get what we give and can change the ordinary opportunities into a new life.

THOUGHT PROCESS: dictionary says thought process means ” The process of using your mind to
consider something carefully”

Your thought creates your reality, if you don’t like your reality then change your thought

When we think negative: I’m never gonna find the love of my life, I’m never gonna get out of this
debt, I’m never gonna be fully happy, I’m never gonna be able to do enough. THEN THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMETHING GOES WRONG. 

take a thought you always think…. does thinking that thought bring you peace or stress, Which one
helps you function better? change that thought you will change how you function. Mayo Angelou wrote ” If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking, you might find a new solution”

Stop and think this—– The concept of accepting your past/future to simply believe the impossible is possible—- put the energy of positive thinking out in the world in your present day— stand back see what happens and above all—don’t get in your way, don’t go back to the negative… Ain’t no one got time for that.


The more the merrier… it takes a village.. two heads are better than one… All these adages speak to the potential of a positive group being more productive, more creative, and more motivating than doing things alone.

Put yourself in a group of you’s… what group or community would you put yourself in? AA, weight watchers, spiritual guidance, fitness gym, breast feeding group, mom’s rule group?

Whatever group/community outlet (when I say community I don’t mean food kitchen or shelter) I mean a place that has like minded people who need to lean and learn on each other and from each other… support each other. To be apart of something greater contributes to our own greatness. We can’t control other people, what other’s think of us, has nothing to do with us. But we have the ability to help ourselves in whatever capacity that is. Having a group or community to help support us and push us along only enhances that experience.

I know what some of you are thinking.. OVAYYY groups. Putting yourself out there is uncomfortable, but the truth is we have to get uncomfortable to grow!!! In today’s world we have so many outlets that can jumpstart our search for the type of groups wether it be listening to a podcast, reading a blog, or simply going to a group fitness class.

You see once we find a group or community that guides us to our true selves, we never go back to the old us, cause the new us is to0 busy spreading our energy, our joy, our waking moment to everyone else. Get uncomfortable.. Begin to build yourself up to greatness. 

Published by Coach Tammy Ward

It has always been my mission in life to help others and to encourage people to become the best version of themselves. I got lots of opportunity through my military career to serve as both mentor, personal coach, and informal counselor. I have struggled through the years of battling my thoughts around depression from childhood abandonment, teenage doubts, midlife failures, various relationship dynamics, and deep-seated beliefs. It is the working, studying, and learning new habits and patterns that has expanded my mindset into a healthier way that has given me purpose. As a life coach, I offer you my ears, my heart, as well as my experience to guide you with specific tools for that can disrupt the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I offer ways for you to exchange the negative habits and patterns in your life for a brighter stronger mindset. If the first thought you have each day are full of self-doubt or anxiety sets in on all the have tos and shoulds, if you continue through your day with a roller coaster of emotions about your life and / or relationships, or even if there is something you have been longing to do, but you keep getting in your own way, consider reaching out. Isn’t it about time you show up for you? Make this day the start to a new year of loving yourself. Let me be that beacon of light that helps you find the best version of yourself.

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