What is your truth?

I was abandoned by family, I’ve had to pick myself up off the floor several times. I have been lied too, I have lied, my heart has crumbled, and you know what, that is a majority of everyone’s story.

Knowing your awareness of what your truth is, what you are still holding on to, and what always holds you back. I may have had a rough past, but the difference between then and now.. I made decisions and choices coming up from the dark that have been scary, vulnerable, and well worth it.

The question I ask you is, what are you going to do now? what do you choose now? cause you can either keep focusing on the past or you can focus and get what you want.

Write 5 things on a piece of paper that you truly want. MONEY, CAR, LOVE, CONFIDENCE, whatever it is…. ok now circle the one that you want more than anything. Seriously; the one that means the most to you. GTG

Ok. Everyday read the one you circled, everyday believe you can have it, Everyday feel that you have received “BELIEVE IN YOU” and boom!! the more you believe in yourself and jump into your desires is another step closer to you.

 Believe that anything even you, yes you are POSSIBLE. When you believe EVERYTHING will happen; thatswuzup

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