If you had an extra hour

If you were givin an extra hour a day, what would you do with it??

I have come to realize on this amazing Monday, I asked around 5 people how their weekend was, all 5 people came back with the same answer: BUSY. They ran here and there, they had 2 birthday parties to go to, they dealt with their kids running around and screaming their heads off. 

When I heard all that I had to ask myself… Why do people naturally complain with the word busy, are they wanting empathy or are they releasing some sort of frustration?

SO then I asked, if I give you an extra hour a day, what would you do with it? BOOM everyone was like sleep, golf, relax at the pool, cook an authentic meal. So then I asked them ok your wish is my command now think about this, How would it feel if you did that 1 hour with the upmost LOVE.

I don’t mean like you love your mom or kids, I mean like you LOVE doing that one thing with the most authitic love you can devour within yourself. The kind of LOVE where you let go of every fear, every doubt, every worry, and just LOVE the 1 hour. 

Most of them said sure that would be no problem. Ok, I said now since I gave you that 1 extra hour I want to challenge you to feel and believe in that type of love for the other 24. You see, once we let go of what is stopping us from having complete love we can have it all the time. Begin to say over and over make a list of the things you love. I love my feet for giving me the ability to walk. I love my coffee for helping me get the morning started. I love the way my socks feel. I love, I love, I love. 

Continue to talk about the things you love until the night comes were you can see and feel LOVE. When someone can ask you how was your weekend and you look back at them and say it was fantastic. ( and you can re-feel all the love again)

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Published by Coach Tammy Ward

It has always been my mission in life to help others and to encourage people to become the best version of themselves. I got lots of opportunity through my military career to serve as both mentor, personal coach, and informal counselor. I have struggled through the years of battling my thoughts around depression from childhood abandonment, teenage doubts, midlife failures, various relationship dynamics, and deep-seated beliefs. It is the working, studying, and learning new habits and patterns that has expanded my mindset into a healthier way that has given me purpose. As a life coach, I offer you my ears, my heart, as well as my experience to guide you with specific tools for that can disrupt the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I offer ways for you to exchange the negative habits and patterns in your life for a brighter stronger mindset. If the first thought you have each day are full of self-doubt or anxiety sets in on all the have tos and shoulds, if you continue through your day with a roller coaster of emotions about your life and / or relationships, or even if there is something you have been longing to do, but you keep getting in your own way, consider reaching out. Isn’t it about time you show up for you? Make this day the start to a new year of loving yourself. Let me be that beacon of light that helps you find the best version of yourself.

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