Creating Positive Passion

Think about a time when you felt passion or joy!!!! you got it,,,, good wouldn’t you love to feel that way all the time or at least most of the time. Here are some tools and different way of thinking to get you there.
Everyone creates negative passion every single day, yes I said every single day.  When you complain… about your Job, co-workers, relationships, people.. etc. etc.
Think about how you manifest anger, doubt, confidence stomper, worry, envy. when you create negative passion. Why would you want to feel that way??? You don’t right ok so try this.
STOP!! create positive passion by feeling the joy of passion, by understanding that the world does not create you, you create you. write down what you do love about your job, the little things wether it be my desk is close to the bathroom, or I get a long lunch. See the positive areas to switch your brain. Then rehearse it, make it a habit of feeling joy and adding to the list of positivity.
Remember when you learned how to ride a bike or tie your shoe, you practiced, you rehearsed it, now you can tie a shoe or ride a bike without worry. Your brain automatically stop’s your negative worry thinking and leads you straight into positive. Be passionate about YOU, it seriously is that simple.


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