When we write a word wrong or say something incorrectly we white out the wrong word to write the correct word, we say “excuse that, I meant this instead”
It is so easy to white out those simple mistakes. But you know; we can white out everything that simply! stay with me here…We can learn to navigate our relationship with people, we can begin to let go of the negative road blocks/people in our lives by editing (white out) who aren’t supportive of us.
Our thoughts have a grip on us; how we think about something is going to be how we feel about it. Once you realize it’s you who has the control of the grip on your thoughts you will have the strength to release the grip (white out). THEN BOOM!! you will change your outlook and emotion on it.
 Growth isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We often choose to complain about something rather than fixing it. If you have broken up with a negative nancy or sent back a plate of food cause it has a hair in it then you know how it feels to white out the negative to make it into a positive!!

let’s begin this journey together, and support whiting out the negative.

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