Unconscious help!

Most of the time we unconsciously help other people without realizing it. 

Either it be our words, behavior, even demeanor. I received a card from a co-worker last week that thanked me for my infection spirit, saying that my big smile everyday helped him have a half smile. Not even knowing I was helping him everyday.

So this made me think what if we consciously helped others…. took the time for that extra good deed for the year and helped granny, or our BFF, maybe even that co-worker we can’t stand.

Even better  what if it was YOU.   yes,,,, help yourself with that workout or start that lifestyle change in the way you eat. Just to simply change the way you think about your self..

Challenge yourself to consciously help others and above all HELP YOURSELF. after all isn’t it time you did something for you:) thatswuzup

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