Thats wuz up

use the Phrase: ” Thats wuz up not only as a high five perspective, but also as a confidence builder. To OWN IT,  to own whatever emotion or moment you are in.

Say this to yourself  right now…. seriously right now… I am having a bad hair day…. then say Thats wuz up, own it… who really cares, does it really matter in the big scheme of things.

What a great feeling it can be to wake up and OWN yourself. We don’t have to be categorized in one genre. Think if this; when we are in a certain mood we listen to the music that will enhance that mood or we will put on music to get us in a certain mood. Owning your emotion it is the same thing.

Love yourself today even if it is one day out of the week its a start and Thats wuz up!!

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